A question that has been asked many times, and answers which are often filled with prejudice! There is no universal answer to this question. Indeed, local conditions (location, building, facility) and the requirements and priorities of the user of the facility condition the choice of system.

This choice must be carefully considered by the user. Indeed it is the user who benefits from (or puts up with!) his heating system for many years. It is still necessary for this future user to be aware of all the implications of his decisions.

The memo below will serve as a basis for any considerations. It will allow you to take into account the criteria that can influence your choice, and opt for your "best" heating system!


Are the prior conditions for installation met?

  • necessary space
  • energy available
  • heating distribution system adapted to the product -1:1r of heat.n


    All costs arising from the installation of a heating system must be taken into account
  • Volume required for heating apparatus and fuel storage
  • New construction or renovation
  • Cost of connecting to mains supply
  • Tax on connecting to the mains supply upon installation
  • Cost of heat production
  • Cost of setting up and distributing heat
  • Possible subsidies, to be deducted from the investment.


Energy prices are only a part of the operating costs of a heating appliance. There are a few other expenses to budget for :
  • Money rate: interest and amortisation of investment
  • Purchasing energy
  • Chimney sweeping service
  • eMaintenance of heat pump and non-renewable systems
  • Tax and subscription to mains energy network
  • Apparatus maintenance and servicing


These criteria are to be considered by each user according to their mindset :
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy that doesn’t harm the environment
  • Energy independence
  • Using local energy resources
  • Automated device
  • Ownership of device
  • Possible odours
  • Necessary maintenance of device